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Extreme Hockey Skills Kit

An amazing hockey trainer creating the perfect environment to work on your shooting, stickhandling and passing. Allows you to practice one-timers and passing without training buddy. Used by many NHL players.

$ 429.95 $ 319.95
  • The huge Extreme Hockey Roll-Up Shooting Pad 305x138 cm (4,2 m²) has amazing glide with regular pucks
  • At 3 mm, it's thin enough to be rolled up yet thick enough to give a smooth feel on heavy slap shots
  • Can be easily rolled up with the supplied straps for storage and transportation
  • The Extreme Hockey Stickhandling Trainer helps you to develop smoother hands
  • The Extreme Hockey Passer Clamp-On Pro returns the pucks with incredible precision
  • Can be used indoors & outdoors thanks to UV protection and weather proofing treatment